Repainting Older Homes

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Repainting Older Homes

The team at Saline Painting understands that sometimes an older home can use a special touch to refresh its appearance.

That’s why we advise hiring an experienced and trained contractor when you’re ready to repaint your older home in Washtenaw County.

We never recommend that you do the painting on their own and take the risk of possibly damaging the structural integrity of the house. The journeyman carpenter on our staff pays close attention to details: from carefully removing the old paint to the application of quality caulking for waterproofing.

Contact Saline Painting today to learn more helpful information about how we can repaint your older home. Reach us at 734-429-1900 or use the online contact form to schedule a free quote.

Over 40 Years In Business

Our experienced and dedicated painters work hard to ensure that the exterior of your home is prepared properly before we begin any work.

Promise to Our Customers

At Saline Painting, we’re committed to providing each customer with excellent painting services and quality workmanship.

At Saline Painting, we paint older homes with care and a close eye on the details.

The first step is to thoroughly remove the existing paint. Next, we will prepare the surfaces as necessary before applying a new coat of fresh paint. The process usually involves cleaning and sanding followed by application of primer and a high-rated caulk to ensure effective waterproofing.

Our painters use quality rollers and brushes to apply the paint to your older home’s exterior surfaces. Other contactors often use an airless sprayer to finish painting jobs quickly. We don’t use sprayers to paint houses because they work best for flat surfaces rather than the 3-dimensional surfaces that have cracks, textures and crevices on older homes.

At Saline Painting, we understand that applying a thin coating of paint simply won’t last very long. That’s why we use only quality paint and take the time necessary to properly paint older houses. We’re dedicated to giving our residential customers a professional, attractive finish with results that are going to last for the long term

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