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Saline Painting puts in the extra effort that other companies won't

The team at Saline Painting puts in the extra effort that other companies won’t. Our experienced and dedicated painters work hard to ensure that the exterior of your home is prepared properly before we begin any work.

The first step involves an assessment of the home’s exterior so we can accurately identify any features such as door thresholds, electrical outlets, light fixtures or other items that should not receive washing or painting.

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40+ Years in Business

Family owned and operated for over 40+ years!

A Promise to Our Customers

At Saline Painting, we’re committed to providing each customer with excellent painting services and quality workmanship. Our experienced team thoroughly prepares for each job with a priority on optimal results. We pay close attention to every detail to be sure you’ll be happy with the outcome. Saline Painting will arrive to your location on schedule, and our painters always bring all the equipment and supplies they’ll need.

Next, we perform a thorough power washing to remove dirt, debris and grime from the exterior surfaces.

We will prepare the surfaces for painting as required. Most preparations include sanding and priming followed by caulking.

After these critical steps, we begin painting the home’s exterior. After that is completed, we’ll discuss how much dry time the paint will need and provide any additional care instructions for you.

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At Saline Painting, we want to our customers time and money. That’s why we do free estimates to assess the specifics of your project! During the estimate, we’ll review which solutions are right for your painting needs and then provide you with an accurate quote.