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Gutters Ann Arbor MI

Gutters Ann Arbor MI

When the spring season arrives in Michigan it is usually a time when homeowners start to tackle a long list of outdoor tasks. Among the most important but sometimes overlooked is to assess gutters for signs of winter damage and accumulation of debris.

A correctly functioning gutter design provides invaluable protection for your home against water damage by directing water away from the roof and the house.

When gutters and their downspouts become clogged with leaves and branches, however, the water will start to back up and do damage to the roof, soffits, fascia and siding. If debris is not removed regularly from your gutters, you may be dealing with roofing, siding or even foundation issues in the future.

Protect Your Home’s Exterior

When faulty gutters allow rainwater to flow over a home, peeling paint will be among your relatively minor concerns. If permitted to rot, external wood trim elements such as door jambs and windows can become unable to protect your home against the weather.

What may seem like an isolated problem like rainwater-damaged drywall may actually be the result of insufficient drainage. If your home’s gutters are in poor condition call Saline Painting for repairs or replacement.

Prevent Mildew

There’s a purpose for having downspouts end at least six feet or so away from home. Water accumulation close to a foundation has a tendency to seep into the basement. This over time causes unappealing mildew growth. If you see mildew in what usually is a dry area near your home, faulty gutters could be the cause.

Other signs of trouble with your gutters are peeling paint, cracks and gutters that are separating from the house itself. If you’re noticing any of these signs get in touch with the gutter experts at Saline Painting at 734-429-1900.